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Darren Keala

Meet Darren

Darren Keala began his passion for weddings and events around 2000 when he moved back home to Hawai’i to be with his family and worked in Resorts as a Food and Beverage manager overseeing weddings and events.

Coincidently this is when he also met his partner who was also planning weddings and events, and they opened a flower shop to base their wedding, event design, and floral business.

His 20 years of experience come from his hotel background, wedding and floral shop, and in the past eleven years, he successfully co-created a Luxury Event and Floral design company.

He has also traveled to California with the Hawaii Visitors Bureau convention in representing Hawaii and weddings as well as speaking at the Hawaii State Travel Association and The WedTech conference sharing his experience as a wedding professional.

Darren believes in working with people that he has a connection with. Creating a relationship in which there are trust and transparency, not just with you but your vendors for your special events. Who better to create this for you than a friend and bringing people together that care about you who bring their passion and talents together. This is the true definition of service with heart.

In his spare time, Darren loves spending time with his dog Baine, dinner with friends and family, and celebrating life!

Darren is based in Maui but brings events to life anywhere.

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Born & Raised on Maui 

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Darren’s four legged son

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Florist beginnings

Backgound of Hospitality and floral design.